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We believe in the power of youth!

Girls Action builds the skills and confidence of girls, young women and gender diverse youth from coast to coast, including inner city, remote, and Northern communities.

We provide spaces for women, girls and gender diverse youth to speak out, build skills, and create action on issues that are important and real to them.

We provide our members with publications, resources and practical support that help develop community initiatives and feminist' programs.

By sharing our expertise on girls’, young women’s and gender diverse youth's programs, we ensure that the work to make their world better never stops.


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We are excited to present our 2021 Annual Report!

Thank you to all our collaborators, to the youth who participated in our workshops and activities, to the volunteers, to the partners and members, to the team who put all their heart and energy into it, to our Board of Directors and to all our funders and donors!

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In this moment of major social transformation where the creation of a better, more just world feels possible, we believe that it’s important to make a clear statement that we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement & Indigenous sovereignty.















Head over to this page for the complete statement:



Founded in 2004, Girls Action Foundation is a non-profit organization that believes in the power of girls, young women and gender diverse youth as agents of social change. Through our network of organizations across Canada, we lead, develop, and implement transformative programs that are adapted and relevant to the changing realities of girls’, young women’s gender diverse youth's lives.

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