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Join the Girls Action Foundation Board of Directors

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

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Girls Action has a long history of success and is looking to bring in a number of new board members who are excited to be a part of the renewed growth and relevance of the organization. As the organization embarks on new and innovative sustainability and capacity development initiatives, board members will have the opportunity to play a collaborative role with staff in achieving these goals.

We are a feminist organization committed to the principles of non-hierarchical leadership and engagement in our work relationships; popular education; and intersectional feminism in practice. We value the integration of personal and social transformation in our work, as well as direct communication and the labor of conflict resolution in our organizing work.

We are inviting individuals with the following skills and capacities to submit their CVs and letters of interest:

  • Experience working with the media, developing and implementing media strategies, and organizational profile building;

  • A network of contacts with corporations, government officials, and foundations;

  • Experience in private sector fundraising, major donor fundraising, and individual donor campaigns;

  • Financial expertise;

  • Experience with governance, policies (HR, Ethics, etc.), and organizational change.

Term: Two (2) years. Each director is eligible to serve for a maximum of three (3) consecutive terms.

Please send your CV and a letter of interest in a single pdf file to Jillian Kilfoil at

About Girls Action

Founded in 1995, Girls Action Foundation is a non-profit organization that believes in the power of girls as agents of social change. Through our network of organizations across Canada, we lead, develop, and implement transformative programs that are adapted and relevant to the changing realities of self-identified girls’ and young women’s lives. Girls Action provides opportunities for girls and young women to harness their strengths, talents, and power and to gain even more confidence to create meaningful change within their own communities.

Over the past year, Girls Action has faced a number of challenges and undergone significant changes to our staff, board, programs, funding, and workplace. As a result, we are looking for board members who can help bring stability and consistency to the organization by committing to a two year term on the board. Given our current circumstances, our Board operates as a working board that works in close relationship with the Operations manager to oversee the proper functioning and restructuring of the organization.

We meet remotely through teleconferencing on a monthly basis and face-to-face once or twice a year. Board members are expected to make a volunteer commitment of 5 to 10 hours per month and support the work of our Fundraising, Programming, and Communications teams. In addition, all Board members should contribute to fundraising efforts for the organization.

Girls Action Foundation is a national organization and as such, we seek regional representation on our Board with well-connected individuals from Québec, Ontario, the Prairies, the West Coast, the Maritimes and in the North. Since it is possible to attend board meetings via phone and e-mail, candidates are not required to live near our head office in Montreal. However, at this time, due to our current needs and realities, we are looking for candidates who reside in the Greater Montreal Area and will give preference to candidates from this region.

Our Board Values:

Innovation: We try new and different methods to fulfill our governance functions. We use an emergent approach, inspired by complexity theory, to bring fresh ideas, advice, and direction to the work of Girls Action Foundation.

Inclusion: We create a safe environment for discussion, critical engagement with new ideas, and supportive exchange of different experiences and ideas. Our organization and Board reflect the diversity of the communities we serve - in personal life experience (age, socio-economic status, sexuality, race, etc.) and in professional expertise (law, finance, business, public service, education, community work, communications/media, etc.).

Leadership: We nurture and support the development of leaders across the organization, including at the Board level, through a variety of opportunities and support for learning, experimentation, and practice.

Change: We embrace opportunities for constant renewal and change, while we consolidate our knowledge, practices, and experiences into the operational memory of the Board. Whenever possible, we have open and honest discussions in advance of change to plan accordingly. Otherwise, we adapt flexibly to the needs of the current situation.

Catalyst: Our work enables Girls Action to be a catalyst for change in society. In our work together, the organization and the Board model the values and the principles of the social transformation we want Girls Action to inspire.

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