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The Girls Action Book Club is a proactive effort to develop and promote advocacy and creative spaces for girls, young women and gender diverse youth from 12-18 years old. Utilizing the responses from our fall youth consultation program, a diverse group of youth ; from different backgrounds, expressed their interest in having a space that is youth centered to discuss social justice that matters for them or that concern. 

Book club youth will have access to:

  • A book 

  • A meal at each meeting

  • Trainings and skills to create a mix media project

  • New safe spaces for youth to speak out and take action  on social justice issues that affect them

Project Objectives:

  • Create support networks between racialized girls and gender diverse youth of 12 to 18 years old, who want to take action about inequality and justice in Montreal/Tiotia:ké 

  • Create new spaces that are open and safe for the youth to express and take action on social justice issues/struggles that are affecting them or that are important to them

  • Co-create with the youth, and create advocacy content that will be shared with the public

  • Allow the youth to improve their understanding and to go deeper in their thoughts related to social issues


The Book Club is supported by the Canadian Women's Foundation.

For more information about the project:

Alison Abrego
Programs and Mobilization Manager

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