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Black Lives Matter

To the Girls Action community:

     In this moment of major social transformation where the creation of a better, more just world feels possible, we believe that it’s important to make a clear statement that we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. While we have used our social media channels to amplify Black voices and stories and Black-led social change initiatives, we acknowledge that this more formal public statement is delayed. That said, we wanted to come to you all not only with words but with real actions that we are taking to support the Black Lives Matter movement and the ongoing fight for racial justice in Canada and around the world. This fight concerns us all. It is the responsibility of those who benefit from oppressive power systems to actively dismantle them.

     While the recent wave of global protests against police brutality and in solidarity with Black Lives Matter was sparked by the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbury, and Tony McDade in the United States, Canada also has a long, shameful history of racism and state violence against Black people, Indigenous people and People of Colour. At least five people have died during mental health calls or wellness checks by police since April. All five were Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour. D’Andre Campbell. Regis Korchinski-Paquet. Chantel Moore. Ejaz Choudry. Rodney Levi. 

     As an intersectional feminist organization in Canada, where systemic racism is a real and pervasive problem, which operates from Tio’tia:ke, called “Montreal,” the traditional and unceded territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka people, on Turtle Island, it is our role and responsibility to be actively anti-racist. We support the girls, womxn, queer and trans youth, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees, and all people within the Black Lives Matter movement.

Internally, Girls Action Foundation is making BIPOC representation on our board of directors an urgent priority and is immediately engaging in the development of anti-racist and anti-oppressive organizational policies.

Externally, going forward, Girls Action Foundation is committed to working in true partnership with Black activists, organizers, and educators in the creation of programming that reaches, empowers, and activates Black girls, young women, and trans and non-binary youth.

     We acknowledge that Black Liberation and Indigenous Sovereignty are interconnected. These communities share a long history of colonization, and continuing conditions of violence, stolen land, power and people. It is our intention that all of our present and future actions be in support of Black and Indigenous people's liberation and well-being. We understand this as including the end of all police violence against Black and Indigenous people, the abolition of all police forces, the end of mass incarceration of Black and Indigenous people, and the abolition of all prisons. To this end, we will work towards replacing police and incarceration culture with radical community care.

Black Lives Matter. Indigenous Lives Matter. 

Land Acknowledgment & Indigenous Solidarity

     Girls Action Foundation exists on the Indigenous land of Turtle Island, with headquarters in the Kanien'kehá:ka territory of Tio'tia:ke and present activity in the Coast Salish territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh, the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Huron-Wendat territory of Tkaronto, and the Mi’kmaq territory of Epekwitk. 


     As a national organization committed to intersectional feminist justice within the Canadian system, it is our responsibility to actively support Indigenous sovereignty and the well-being of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples and communities. It is crucial to realize that all social struggles are interconnected and recognize that people can experience multiple oppressions because of their gender, race, sexuality, and other identities. Thus, this movement involves us all.We must follow the leadership of Indigenous women and two-spirit, queer, and trans people in movement towards social and environmental justice.


     Girls Action Foundation acknowledges the urgent need to decolonize our organizational structure by ensuring meaningful Indigenous representation and participation on our board of directors, staff team and various stakeholders. Going forward, Girls Action Foundation is committed to nurturing reciprocal relationships with Indigenous community leaders in the development of programming that effectively supports Indigenous youth and engages non-Indigenous youth in education and action towards Indigenous justice. 


     While we understand that we cannot undo the immeasurable harm that has been inflicted upon the Indigenous peoples of this land, it is our intention that all of our present and future actions support Indigenous sovereignty and advance justice and well-being for Indigenous people.


    We understand this as including

  • respect for all Indigenous people, including women, girls, two-spirit, queer, and trans people

  • access to vital resources, including clean water, food, housing, employment, healthcare, education, and social services, for all Indigenous communities

  • reparations for Indigenous people 

  • the end of all sexual violence against Indigenous women, girls, two-spirit, queer, and trans people

  • justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, 2-spirit, Queer, and Trans people

  • the end of all police violence against Indigenous people

  • the liberation of all incarcerated Indigenous people

  • true general education about the ongoing Canadian genocide and epistemicide of Indigenous peoples and knowledges

  • the protection of Indigenous languages and cultures with the same intensity as the protection of French in Quebec 

  • the withdrawal of all colonial corporations from occupied Indigenous territory

  • the end of all colonial and capitalist projects

  • the return of all "Canadian" land to its rightful Indigenous guardians

  • the protection of sacred water

  • the defense of sacred land

  • healing for all Indigenous people and communities

  • the reaffirmation of respectful reciprocal relationship between all humans, other animals, plants, and the Earth

In solidarity,

Girls Action Team

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