Girls Action was founded as a start up in 1995 by three young women fresh out of school with an entrepreneurial spirit. We had no funding and no limitations.


Accessible to underprivileged girls, POWER Camp (as it was called then) encouraged girls to discover their power and create positive change in their lives and communities. Really listening to girls was the cornerstone of our success. Young women facilitators built trust with the girls. Girls came out of their shells and got smart about topics like media, discrimination, health, violence prevention, and body image.


Soon communities across Canada were contacting us, eager to exchange. We realized that with so many people wanting to make a difference for girls, a national organization could create a ripple effect benefitting even more girls. The founders of Girls Action imagined a strong force of girls’ initiatives across the country, and that is precisely what was built.


Since 2003, the Girls Action Network has grown from 20 to over 300 members in every province and territory. Girls Action has been a catalyst – seeding and training over 100 start-up girls’ programs. Today, together with local partners, Girls Action builds the skills and confidence of girls from coast to coast, including inner city, remote, and Northern communities.



Our programs tackle the most relevant and important questions that concern girls and young women.


We support the development of girls' and young women's leadership by facilitating access to resources, to a network of mentors, as well as developing new skills.


We reach out to girls and young women that need it the most, everywhere in Canada: 90% of our participants come from marginalised communities, either in the North, remote areas or in urban environments.


We encourage the understanding and breaking down of all barriers, especially the ones of poverty, racism and violence.


Our work encourages the reinforcement of girls' and young women's empowerment in their everyday lives and communities.

“Girls have an innate ability to be change-makers. They just need a strong support system, willing and respectful adults to work with, and the freedom to take space to be seen and heard.” 


—  Andrea Canales-Figueroa, Vancouver BC


Jenn has several years of experience

developing digital strategies for

non-profit and advocacy organizations.


Naoual is passionate about social justice and hopes to make it visible through her employment at the Girls Action Foundation, especially with her intersectional and anti-racist feminist values.

The Girls Action Foundation is made up of a dynamic team of energetic, creative, and motivated young women who are passionate about changing the world, in a feminist and intersectional way!

The organization has been steadily growing over the years – have a look through the team bios to get a sense of the people who make Girls Action what it is!

Guided by anti-racist positions and intersectional feminism, she wishes to give opportunities to the most marginalized people. Alison constantly tries to learn from her binarity (privileges and oppressions) and to act on social inequalities through engaged art and the creation of spaces!


Girls Action is grateful for the many companies, foundations, individuals, and agencies that support girls' and young women's empowerment. The following funders and donors have made our work possible through financial and in-kind contributions.


Aniqah Zowmi


Gender and Diversity Specialist (Toronto)

Phaedra de Saint-Rome


Governance and Outreach Officer, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation (Montreal)

Jillian Kifoil,


Executive Director
Women's Network (PEI)

Gilda Boffa,

Translator, Interpreter, Belly Dance Instructor (Montreal)

You can send us your resume and a cover letter at any time to submit your application to the Board at gafboard@girlsactionfoundation.ca