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Girls Action believes in grounding its work in local realities. We offer a number of Montreal-based programs designed to:

  • Provide fun activities to increase girls’ awareness of, and ability to address issues that impact their lives and communities

  • Build critical thinking skills

  • Build communications skills, self-awareness and self-esteem 

  • Encourage girls to say what they want to change in their community, and support them to take action

  • Amplify girls’ abilities to turn their experiences and skills into community action and leadership 

  • Connect girls to mentors and role models   



Girls’ Clubs are extra-curricular programs delivered by Girls Action Foundation in specific Montreal schools for girls between 10 and 17 years old. Girls are encouraged to think critically, develop their self-esteem, accept differences and develop healthy relationships. The activities are adapted to respond to the needs and realities of the girls, and aim to build connections amongst them as well as with their schools. A sense of belonging to the school is an important factor that can help prevent dropout as well as contribute to other positive outcomes in the girls’ lives.

We work with community groups, organizations and local schools to equip girls with tools to explore video, photography, radio and zine making for personal growth and social change. The products of these workshops, be it photo essays, videos or zines on issues that they find important, are shared with their schools and families. Through the workshops, girls develop technical skills (pre-production, production and post-production, editing, sound, layout, etc.) as well as personal skills (teamwork, project planning, problem solving, creativity, communication, etc.) Such activities give the girls a sense of pride in their work as well as a feeling of connection with their community.

We offer a series of workshops delivered in partnership with schools and community organizations for girls and young women to address the issues that impact them. The workshops are designed and tailored to encourage girls to explore issues such as: self-esteem, violence prevention, healthy relationships, friendships, and more. Through these workshops, girls are able to develop a stronger sense of belonging to their school, which helps prevent dropping out of school.

Girls Action provides training and support to teachers and other school professionals in their work with girls and young women to encourage girls’ leadership and violence prevention. We offer tools and resources for activities, group leadership techniques, and support in designing and sustaining all-girl spaces.

Girls Action Foundation creates spaces for the girls enrolled in our partner schools to meet inspiring women from diverse career backgrounds in both traditional and non-traditional professions. These events provide an opportunity for the girls to interact with the professional women, debunk several kinds of stereotypes in relation to certain trades and get a better understanding of the educational path to achieve those careers.

*We are currently revising the format of our Local Programs.

Our local programs are funded in part by the Forum jeunesse de l'Île de Montréal and Canadian Heritage. Thank you! 

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