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This theme of National Career Days 2019 is "Gender and the Environment". Around the world, girls and young womxn are on the forefront of the fight against climate change, mobilizing their communities to take action, speaking out on environmental issues, and fighting for climate justice.

Career Days is an opportunity for women leaders in both traditional and non-traditional careers, relating to the environment, sustainable development, and more, to provide intergenerational mentorship to girls in their communities.

Come and discover careers related to the environment and meet influential women who work in the environmental field.
This event is *FREE*

Frequently asked questions​


What are examples of careers related to this year’s theme: Gender and the Environment?

  • Careers related to climate justice

  • Careers in STEM (green energy and innovation)

  • Health and wellness

  • Manufacturing

  • Sustainable fashion

  • Sustainable Agriculture and food security

  • Environmental law, activism, advocacy

  • Writers, filmmakers, artists

  • Elected officials

Why is this important?

Consult our brochure Why Girls? Jobs and Money and our infographic Redefining Leadership to get more information on girls and career prospects, and to better understand why it’s important to create spaces where girls can discover all of the possibilities for what they can become! 


For more information, you can contact the Girls Action team at or 514.948.1112 ext. 2

This program is financed by the Royal Bank of Canada.

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