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Let's Take Our Place is the more intersectional and anti-oppressive version of our former Women, Let's Take Our Place project. Focused on advocacy, intersectionality, civic and community engagement of young women and gender diverse youth, this program focuses on the ways in which these young change maker are involved in their community and how the obstacles to political participation still deprive them of certain decision-making spaces and of power. Thus, this program will strengthen the voices and places of young women and gender diverse youth, particularly those of color, black and indigenous, through mentoring with experts and role models from our communities.

With the help of our partners, we will select submissions for social change projects from twenty young women and gender diverse youth in Quebec, who want to create social change in their communities.

The program lasts two years per cohort. Each participant will receive in-person or virtual training on civic engagement, intersectionality, self-expression, and project creation and coordination by various mentors. Participants will also receive a basket including a social engagement toolkit and radical self-love products, and then a micro-grant to implement their project. Finally, the last part of the project will be reserved for the project evaluation and a collective networking activity in the form of an ephemeral consultation table in order to honor their community commitment but also to allow them to connect with community organizations that could be possible collaborators in their project.

Program Objectives:

  • Inspire the confidence and self-esteem of young women and gender diverse youth through exchanges with mentors

  • Discuss gender issues with an intersectional perspective to create an inclusive environment

  • Give resources and tools to young women and gender diverse youth with the support of guest mentors. (Budget, funding, planning, collaboration, partnerships, rights, etc.)

  • Create a network of mutual support and sharing between young women and gender diverse youth in Quebec

If you want to support the work of Girls Action and make this program possible, you can donate here.

For more information about the program:

Alison Abrego
Programs and Mobilization Manager

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