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The Young Women’s Leadership Program (formerly called ELLE Project) is a national program for young women ages 16-25. The Leadership Program includes a five-day leadership training, networking opportunities, and Leadership Capacity Grants. Through skill building, peer learning and reflection, young women develop personal and community leadership skills to foster social innovation.

"I learned so much about myself, but also other people from all over Canada. The diversity of the group brought together so many different perspectives. It was a very enjoyable experience, and I feel so fortunate to have been able to participate in it. It will truly have a lasting effect on my life.

- Young woman from the Leadership Program


The Meet-Ups are regional networking and capacity building events for the young women in our network. This event offers the opportunity to connect with other young women in their region who are creating change in their community. Serving as a follow-up for the Young Women's Leadership Program participants, they are also an opportunity for the young women who couldn’t join us for the face-to-face training to be more involved within the network.


  • Give young women the space and the opportunity to network, learn new skills, bring regional specific issues to light and generate strategies and actions to pro-actively address them.

  • Be a space where the young women who are developing projects in their communities can share their experiences and meet potential collaborators.

  • Build on the relationships that begun at the Young Women's Leadership Program fall training and initiate those who could not join us to Girls Action’s Network.

  • Get to know amazing women from across generations and celebrate!


There are no upcoming young women's meet-ups at the moment.


For three to five days in the fall, Girls Action brings together inspiring self-identified young women ages 18-25 to learn new skills, explore passions, dream, share, and have fun.


Taking part means learning how to:

  • Organize community projects

  • Use multimedia (such as photography and video) as a tool for change

  • Meet like-minded young women from across the country

  • Connect with mentors and other inspiring people

The training is also a space to: 

  • Discover and strengthen leadership style

  • Discuss the importance of self-care and how to make that happen

  • Develop a strong understanding of anti-oppression and community organizing


In 2013, Girls Action decided to take the time to rethink our Young Women’s Leadership Program in order to strengthen its impact.  With the feedback received from past participants, we are now relaunched our revamped training called the L project. It took place from November 2nd to the 5th of 2016.

We are committed to creating a safer space that respects diversity. Therefore we encourage Trans girls, newcomer and immigrant girls, girls with precarious status situations, girls from diverse backgrounds and heritage, and girls living with disabilities to apply. We will do all that is in our power to make it possible for you to participate. 

Visit our Flickr photo album to see participants during the 2012 leadership training.


Girls Action Foundation was proud to offer a national gathering for self-identified young women.

Are you a self-identified young woman between the ages of 18-25? Would you like to reflect on how we thrive together and create opportunities to grow beautifully as young women? Do you find the word leadership overrated and exclusionary?

The L Project is not your typical leadership training. Leadership does not mean power or authority; leadership does not mean being the loudest or most outspoken member of the group.  Leadership can mean many things and can be expressed in many ways. We believe that everyone has leadership potential and that we must all be leaders together to create change.

This experience was a space to develop new contacts and networks, to explore who we are, to find mentors and inspiration for project ideas. This training was a space to come together, and think critically about the communities we live in. It was also an opportunity to explore those issues faced through the use of media arts.   

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