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With the support of the Public Health Agency of Canada and the collaboration with the BC Centre for Excellence for Women's Health, Girls Action developed "Take Care" an unprecedented toolkit for girls' programmers that focuses on girls' health and wellness. Take Care includes resources, workshop guides and helpful information for anyone who works with girls and young women. 


Download "Take Care" a girls health and wellness toolkit (PDF)























Also in partnership with the Centre of Excellence for Women's Health, Girls Action led a webinar series focused on gender transformative girls' programming and girl-specific health promotion. 

Girl-Specific Health Promotion: Integrating Curriculum on Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, and Substance Use into Girls' Programs. 

In this webinar, Marbella Carlos, of Girls Action Foundation, and Nancy Poole, of the Centre of Excellence for Women's Health will focus on the “what?” of integrating health promotion into girls empowerment groups, and share ideas on how facilitators of girls' groups might integrate the new guide into their programs. We welcome all individuals and groups who are interested in girls’ group programming and girls health and wellness overall. 

Access the recording of this webinar.

Access the slides from this webinar (PDF).

Health Promotion for Girls: Gender Transformative & Other Promising Practices for Facilitators
of Girls' Groups

Marbella Carlos, Girls Action Project Officer, and Nancy Poole, Director, Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, led the first of two webinars on our collaborative work to define, develop curriculum, pilot, and evaluate gender-transformative approaches to health promotion within girls’ programming. Nancy and Marbella were joined by over 30 individuals and representatives from organizations focused on girls’ health and wellness for this discussion focused on promising practices in, and examples of, gender transformative girls’ programming.

This webinar was held in June 2018, follow this link to access the audio and slides from the webinar. 

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This project has been made possible by financial contribution from the Public Health Agency of Canada

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